Cool dictionary contens

Japanese cool kanji related to animals.1charactor and 2charactors.
The shape of the character is very beautiful and popular for women...
These kanji picked up are well-known birds, and they are also very good shape.
I think that many people dislike insects, so It is difficult to choose Japanese kanji for insects.. Those chosen kanji are well known insects and their shapes are good.
Japanese style "wa" has something easy for foreigners to see and understand, and some things can not understand without knowing Japanese sense.
These characters gathered important words in life. I think that wh...
I got the kanji on the sea. There are lots of kanji for fish, but it is because it has no cool shape and there are many unique fish in Japan.
These kanji have a manly image. It may also be used as part of a man's name.
We gathered stylish kanji related to nature.It will be useful for tours in Japan.
We picked up kanji for flower like Japan. Regardless of gender and women, these are plants that Japanese people have long preferred from a long time ago.
These kanji have a philosophical and moral meaning. Because kanji has a visual meaning, it can convey meaning deeply.
Japan is a country that is tolerant of religion. The kanji picked ...
There are quite a few kanji for warfare and fighting. From ancient times, war threatens human life, people wanted victory and made many positive words.
Words of wicked meaning are often used for "heavy metals". The wicked meaning Kanji is often used for Japanese Bad Boys and  subculture.