Famous Kanji for foreigners

Deep meaning was put in” love “

The shape of a slightly complicated kanji is attractive. The appearance is also cool!

In Japanese it is pronounced [ai].

It is used in many women’s names etc in Japan. The meaning of “loving” is condensed. A plus image but a big kanji “love” seems to be popular among foreigners.

It is a feminine image.

Popularity of gender is kanji “beauty”.

The line combination is beautiful. It seems that the whole kanji expresses women. It looks like a female silhouette.

In Japanese it is pronounced [bi].

A wonderful and beautiful “dream”

It is also a beautiful shape and popular for reasons that look beautiful.
It looks like a human face! what?

Pronunciation is [Yume] or [Mu].

It is a popular reason that there are not many similar kanji. It seems that many people are attracted to the mysterious form.

Popular with men! “Wind” beautiful shape like art

You can see a beautiful shape that reminds me that the wind running literally in the sky “looks like art.”

Pronunciation is [kaze].

Impression changes with writing style, so it is excellent in design.