Let’s go Japanese communal bath

Japanese communal bath is a popular culture.

In japan, there is unique large public bath (sento / onsen) everywhere.
Now those japanese communal bath is well known to foreigners.
Japanese communal bath is divided into men’s and women’s, and bathing suits and bath towels can not be used.

You need to be naked and take a bath with a towel. You may at first be puzzled and need courage.

You may be embarrassed at first, but you will be very relaxed. Let’s challenge.
The big bath is very nice.

7 rules of Japanese communal bath.

As there are many people in the bath, there are rules. First of all, let’s learn the rules.
There are only seven rules.The rule is all about the content of the illustration.
It’s very easy.

Next is about “sento” and “onsen”.