Bullet train “Shinkansen”

Bullet train “Shinkansen”

When you come to Japan , I definitely recommend traveling by bullet train “Shinkansen”

The Shinkansen is a bullet train that Japan boasts.It was released as the world’s first high-speed train in 1964. The section at that time was Tokyo – Osaka.

Today, the Shinkansen extends the route to major Japanese cities by “JR” which is a Japanese railroad company.

The wonderful point of the Shinkansen
・Maximum speed of 320 km / h(199ml/h).
・More than 500 arrival and departure a day at Tokyo station.
・Operation management in seconds.
・Inside the silent car even at high speed.

JR is planning and experimenting with further speedup of the Shinkansen.

Major line

TOKAIDO Shinkansen
It is the fastest way to go from Tokyo to Osaka via Nagoya and Kyoto.
You can see Mt. Fuji on your right side in about an hour after leaving Tokyo.

Time required for “Nozomi” Shinkansen
・Tokyo – Nagoya approximately 100 minutes
・Tokyo – Kyoto approximately 140 minutes
・Tokyo – Osaka approximately 150 minutes

There are three kinds of train names: super express “Nozomi” Semi Limited Express “Hikari” each station “Kodama”.
From Osaka it will be SANYO Shinkansen and go to Kyushu.

TOHOKU Shinkansen
It is the fastest way to go from Tokyo to Sendai and Tohoku region.
The main train name are Super Express “Hayabusa”,” Hayate” Semi-limited express “Yamabiko”

・Tokyo – Sendai approximately 90 minutes

There are cases where AKITA Shinkansen “Komachi” and YAMAGATA Shinkansen “Tsubasa” are connected to these.

TOHOKU Shinkansen will be HOKKAIDO Shinkansen in Aomori Prefecture, and runs Seikan tunnel  longer than Dover Channel Tunnel.

HOKURIKU shinkansen
It is the fastest when I go from Tokyo to Kanazawa. Super Express name is “Kagayaki”.

・Tokyo – Kanazawa approximately 150 minutes

If you understand the two railroad lines in Tokyo, your Tokyo trip will be comfortable.

Purchase tickets

Japan railpass is the most economical when traveling by train in Japan. You can also take a bullet train on this pass, but you need attention.In this pass, it is rule not to be able to ride the Tokaido Shinkansen super express “Nozomi”.

If you are a domestic journey in Japan only in Kyoto or Osaka, I would recommend buying a ticket at the JR station in Japan and riding “Nozomi”shinkansen.

It is because the departure of Tokyo station is the most.

Sinkansen tickets can be bought at ticket vending machines at JR station.Because ticket vending machines are compatible with multilingual display, travelers can easily use it.
If you are worried about how to use, you should ask the JR station staff, they will kindly teach you.