Originai landscape in japan

Original landscape in Japan

The original landscape is the original scenery behind the person’s heart. It is often accompanied by feelings of nostalgia. Also, it may be a mental scenery rather than being a real landscape. And it may have a big influence on the way people think and feel of things.

Among the Japanese calendar, there are original scenery common to Japanese.
I will introduce it along with the kanji of the calendar.

Content is arranged in alphabetical order for each category.
January is the beginning of a year, sunrise and Mt. Fuji is often expressed.

It is a snowy period, a snow dome named “kamakura” in the Tohoku region comes to mind.

March 3 is a girl ‘s event called “Hinamatsuri”. It is common to decorate “Hina doll”and celebrate .

It is the season of cherry blossoms. Japanese take a walk while watching the cherry blossoms, and at night and on holiday they party under the cherry blossoms.

There is a day for boys, decorate armor helmets and raise carp streamers.

It is a rainy season. Hydrangea is impressive at this time.

It is summer when the rainy season ends. Summer has fireworks festival everywhere in Japan. Fireworks are a summer tradition of Japan.

It’s time for the mountains to be deep green. This time is the ancestor memorial service.Many Japanese people stay at home town.

It is time to harvest Japanese staple food rice. Harvest festival is held everywhere in Japan from long ago.

It is time for autumn to deepen. A beautiful red colored leaves can be seen in Japan.

Leaves are withered before winter, the light of the day weakens, it is a lonely time.

It is a lively and gorgeous season at the end of the year. Illumination is impressive in urban areas.

Content is arranged in alphabetical order for each category.