Sightseeing in Tokyo is enough by using two rail lines.

Two major lines in Tokyo

If you understand the two railroad lines in Tokyo, your Tokyo trip will be comfortable.
Tokyo is wide, and there are many train and subway stations. So, when planning a trip, you may think that you need to understand the railroad route in Tokyo.

Do not worry. It is a waste of time to understand all the routes, and the Japanese do not even know all the routes. For Tokyo tourism, if you know two rail lines, there is no problem.

The two routes are “Yamanote Line” and “Ginza line”.You can go to the main places in Tokyo with these two lines.

Yamanote Line

・This line runs on the ground with the “JR-EAST” (East Japan Railway Company).
・It is a circle line that goes around the center of Tokyo. There are no destinations, it goes around in two directions of Inner / Outer Tracks.
・There are 29 stations, it takes about 1 hour to make one lap.The train is about every 3 minutes.

Ginza Line

・It is a Tokyo Metro subway.
・This line connects Shibuya and Asakusa.It crosses the basement of Yamanote line.
・There are 19 stations, Asakusa from Shibuya takes about 30 minutes.

Let’s get Prepaid transportation card!

Prepaid transportation card is is well developed in Japan, you can easily get on the train without buying a ticket.Travelers can also make this card at station and airport.
If you have this card, you do not need to check the fare and purchase the ticket.Also,it can be used as electronic money at convenience stores and others.

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It is very troublesome to buy a ticket every time you board a train or...

Popular area for foreigners by Yamanote line, Ginza line

It is a list of station names of popular areas of foreigners.

Popular area for foreigners Yamate line station Ginza line station
1. Asakusa
2. Ueno
3. Akihabara
4. Tokyo
5. Ginza
6. Nihonbashi
7. Shinagawa
8. Shibuya. Harajuku
9. Shinjuku
10. Ikebukuro



It is very troublesome to buy a ticket every time you board a train or...