How nice!  When you visit Japan, please use “Conbini”.

When you visit Japan, please use “Conbini”.

A “Conbini” is a convenience store, minimart. Conbini is indispensable to the lives of the Japanese people, it is everywhere in Japan.You may be worried at first at entering convenience stores, but please actively use it. It should be very useful and surely will be very useful for your journey.

What is a convenience store?

Convenience store is a business style originally born in the United States. “Seven Eleven” was originally an American company, but now it is a Japanese company.
In the 1980s in Japan, convenience stores evolved by introducing POS system. Convenience store is called “Conbini”in japan, and it is deployed to Asia countries as well.

“Seven Eleven”, “Family Mart”, “Lawson” are three major convenience stores in Japan.
Incidentally, the number of American convenience stores is 100 companies and about 48000 stores, Japan is about 57000 stores. Of these, 3 companies will occupy about 51,000 stores.

Incidentally, there are 100 convenience stores in the United States, about 48000 stores, while Japanese convenience stores have about 57,000 stores. Of these, three companies account for approximately 51,000 stores.

Awesome point of “Conbini”

Where people live, there is always “Conbini”.If you are staying in the city, you can find “Conbini” in the surrounding area as well.

24 hours a day, seven days a week
If you want something to eat or drink in the midnight, please find a convenience store near the hotel. Drinks and food are available immediately.

A great selection of items
“Conbini” manages goods in real time by POS system. Those sold at the shop are supplemented in a timely manner, so there is no out of stock for a long time.
Food, snacks and drinks are substantial. And it is terribly cheap.

Food and drinks will be in time for about 5-6 dollars.It is a traveler’s friend. If you are busy to save money and time, you should use convenience stores.

Besides, there are drugs, cosmetics, sanitary supplies, alcohol, tobacco, magazines, under wear etc.It is said that the number of items at convenience stores is about 2,500 kinds.

High quality customer service
Conbini staff is thoroughly educated at the company. So you will not feel uncomfortable.Recently there are a lot of foreign staff and communication in English is not worried.For example, if the warmer one is tasty, the staff will ask you “Do you warm?”

Many convenience stores rent a toilet for free. Compared to the public toilets in the city, convenience stores are frequently cleaned by staff, so it is very beautiful, using and feeling good.When using a Conbini ‘s toilet, let’ s ask the staff.

Popular food

Various types of bread and sandwiches, and Japanese style foods such as “onigiri” and “obento” are abundant.

rice balls “onigiri”


There are lots of cup noodles that Japanese people like, and you can receive hot water.

In winter, Japanese favorite “Oden” “Nakuman” are lined up at the counter. Please eat by all means.



In Japan, manufacturing control is severe, Japanese people have high consciousness, so there are no old ones or bad things first.

Payment at convenience stores

Payments at convenience stores are cash, credit cards, and prepaid cards. Especially for foreigners, prepaid card is recommended.

This card is a prepaid transportation IC card such as “Suica”, “Pasmo”, etc.
With this card, you can use without confirming freight charges. And this card can be used in convenience stores other than transportation.

It is very troublesome to buy a ticket every time you board a train or...