Japanese style / part3 – Cool kanji

Japanese style “wa” has something easy for foreigners to see and understand, and some things can not understand without knowing Japanese sense. I think that foreigners can understand by knowing plenty of things from Japanese past to modern ones.

Content is arranged in alphabetical order for each category.

A full moon that looks beautiful without cloudiness
A clear autumn evening, the moon is beautiful.
From long ago, in Japan there is a custom to appreciate the full moon of autumn.
Fade away
Folding fan
”Sensu” is still popular items for Japanese people regardless of age or sex. Foreigners are also very popular as Japanese souvenirs.

Goldefish is an ornamental fish which improved a crucian. People in the Edo period actively improved the goldfish and various goldfish were made.It is strong, easy to keep, and very beautiful.

Japanese aesthetic sense、sober refinement
For Japanese people, it is difficult to explain the concept of ”WABI” and “SABI”.
”WABI” and “SABI” are thought to be a concept together, but it is different.
”Wobi” is a pure and quiet atmosphere in simplicity.
Japanese aesthetic sense、to feel from things that disappear
“Sabi” is a deep atmosphere that you can see from old and fade away things.

Original landscape of Japan
Plant germinates.
Feelings of affection towards a fictional character
”Moe” is a new concept arising from the Japanese subculture of the 1990s. It is a meaning close to “captivating” in English. Originally, it is to be captivated by beautiful girl it  and cool guy who appear in manga and anime.
You can see it when you go to Akihabara in Japan.
Precious stuff
Short time
The woman who is the best in YUKAKU in the Edo period
Oiran is a prostitute in the Edo period and refers to those who are high in rank. It is a modern high-class prostitute, a high-class lover and so on.It is different from “geisya” to entertain people with singing and dancing.There is no “oiran” in Japan today.

There is something that quietly satisfies the minds of people.
Whole country
Wind chime
 “Furin” is a style that represents the summer of Japan. There is a glass “edo-furin” and an iron “nanbu-furin”. “Edo – furin” is lively and refreshing sound, “Nannbu – furin” features quiet refreshing sound.

Content is arranged in alphabetical order for each category.