Sacred / Part2 – Cool kanji

Cool kanji related to sacred / 2charactor 

Buddha and the saint’s death.
Conquering the devil
Historic temples and shrines also attract people’s minds.

                     image : Dignified

Divine majesty
Divine spirit
Divine wind
”Kamikaze” was the power of nature to protect Japan.When Japan was attacked by ”GEN (ancient China) ”about 750 years ago, the fleet of GEN was destroyed by the furious wind. This is the origin of ”Kamikaze”.

Heaven’s judgment
Sacred protection
It has been said in Japan that there are spirits that protect individuals from long ago. That spirit is an ancestor and a spirit of the land.

Sacred music and dance
A shrine maiden dancing when praying.

Supreme deity, Zews
Ten Commandments

Japan is a country that is tolerant of religion. The kanji picked ...